Iztech RoboLeague 2012

Iztech RoboLeague (IRL) is an international robotics competition that will take place between October 19th – 20th 2012 by Izmir Institute of Technology (Iztech) IEEE Student Branch in Turkey. It welcomes robotics fans, students, and professionals in the field of robotics from all around the globe with competitions, seminars and exhibits. Participants will find the environment for showcases of robot technologies, competitions between developers and creativity & inspiration for future endeavors in the field of robotics that aims to connect the general public to robotics and developers to industry and private sector.
What makes this event different from similar competitions in the same category is that Iztech RoboLeague creates the Design-Build-Compete concept using its “Compete Your Creativity” motto. The competition not only supports creativity but also aims to introduce people to industrial robotics with RoboWorker event.
Iztech RoboLeague will be held in three main categories of events:

1 – Main Category

2 – Design Category

3 – RoboWorker
In the Main Category, participants will exhibit their own robotic projects and have a chance to prove their’s is the best within 7 sub-categories: Line Follower, Mini-Sumo, Sumo, Garbage Collector, Fire Extinguisher, Terrain Crosser, and Innovative.

As for the Design Category, people will have to make their own robots that will accomplish a given task with thousands of pieces of K’Nex and electronic equipments handed out to them, within 24 hours. This category has been designed according to the Design-Build-Compete concept. At the end of 24 hours, the best creative robot idea which turned into a real project will be selected.

Finally, Iztech RoboLeague houses the RoboWorker event, which will cover industrial robots exhibits and industrial robot programming competitions that aim to provide robotic developers with a whole new platform and new challenges as well as introducing them to the industry and private sector.
Iztech IEEE Student Branch aims to take robotic competitions to a whole new level with Iztech RoboLeague and is happy to welcome all robotic enthusiasts to İzmir for this first ever event.

For more detailed Information and participation:
Website: http://irl.iyte.edu.tr
E-Mail: irl@iyte.edu.tr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IRL2012
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IRL2012