Movie of real life robot avatars: Surrogates

The new robot movie “Surrogates” that opens Friday does not seem very unreal to some scientists and movie makers. The movie pictures a world where noone is victim of a murder because in place of humans walking on the streets, robots took their place, where the real humans just sit in their homes see the world through their robot avatar’s eyes.

Current technology is already enabling us to have many components of this dreamworld. For instance, remote controlled robots to do a variety of things, from telepresence to military applications, the robotic body parts are ever improving, along with autonomous robotic software and mechanics and so on…

The movie also make us think about the seemimgly limitless possibilities of advancing robot technology. To re-boot a robot or ad a laser sensor to it or additional software, additional artificial muscle power and so on is so easy, and what happens when we have such robots walking among us?

To see movie trailer go to movie trailerTo read the story in CNN, visit here.