DARPA Robotics Challenge trials starts in a few days

I would like to call this “the most advanced robotics competition we will witness”. It is called DRC (DARPA Robotics Challenge) organized by DARPA, the initiator of internet, the organization which helped advance the use of autonomous cars, and many more cool technologies. It is an ambitious competition that only the most advanced robotics teams around the world is participating, to demonstrate a robot that is capable of doing many tasks that are very difficult to perform for a robot. The goal is to build a humanoid rescue robot, which is capable of demonstrating skills in different categories, so that in real life situations it can be utilized. We had published an article about this long time ago, which can be seen here.

The trials are open to general public for free.

In the picture below you can see the Valkyrie robot by NASA competing team


Source: NASA
Source: NASA

Next week’s event is the the trials, where seventeen teams from different countries will compete, which will take place at Florida’s Homestead Miami Speedway, December 20-21, 2013. These trials will be the basis of determining which teams will be qualified to continue their efforts in order to receive DARPA funding. The actual competition will take place in 2014, with a winning prize of two $2,000,000.

The videos of participating teams, can be found here.