The working mechanism of IBM Watson

The working mechanism of IBM Watson

In February of this year, IBM’s new machine called Watson had beaten human Champions in the game of Jeopardy. Considering the fact that the questions in Jeopardy are asked in natural human language, beating human champions for a computer requires innovative techniques. Lets try to understand how Watson works: First of all, we should keep […]

Computer learns language and facts by itself

Carnegie Mellon University Researchers, under the funding of Google and DARPA, and benefitting from the internet database provided by Yahoo, are working on a self learning computer algorithm that is able to extract knowledge from the internet by itself, to learn language and facts. The system is called NELL, which stands for “Never Ending Language […]

Teaching language to A.I.

A new project that is about to start in Plymouth University of United Kingdom, the research team is aiming to teach robots the “meaning” of words. Currently the robots can process words without grasping the meaning like humans. The project aims to do this by mimicking the language teaching techniques to a child. In order […]