Developing shapeshifting mini robots

Researchers at Intel and Carnegie Mellon University are working on a revolutionary project to make distributed computing possible by using very small scale robots, where these will also be able to regroup themselves into any required shape of an object, that we commonly use in our daily lives. The researchers believe that there seems to […]

The smallest humanoid toy robot

World’s smallest humanoid toy robot has been unveiled in Japan by Tomy Co. The robot is able to operate for 5 minutes on a 30 minute charge and can find its way through mazes, and there is also a remote controlling option. The price is $35. For more, please visit the link below. Reference:

Microrobotic Ballet

Duke computer science professor and colleagues’ creations dance on something smaller than a pin’s head. Microscopic robots crafted to maneuver separately without any obvious guidance are now assembling into self-organized structures after years of continuing research led by a Duke University computer scientist.”It’s marvelous to be able to do assembly and control at this fine […]