Industrial Perception Inc.’s Robots with 3D Vision

Robots are increasingly coming out of the lab and taking their place in the public sphere. Industrial Perception, Inc. (IPI) is one of them and the company is focused on producing mainstream robots in order to be used in America’s manufacturing and logistics.

A team of software engineers from a robotics research company, Willow Garage, decided to establish IPI. The objective of IPI is to produce a higher technology of 3D vision guided robots: robots should be able to recognize the differences between objects, robots should be able to manipulate objects (even within a pile) and robots should do its work safely without any collision. Advancing the conduct of bin picking and automated mixed case handling between containers, trucks, and conveyors is aimed.

The Automate Show depicts that new generation of smart robots with a higher technology is capable of taking a role in the market of logistics, distribution and manufacturing. Two examples for this industrial automation technology would be Rethink Robotics’ two-armed robot Baxter and Adept Technology’s mobile robot Lynx. Nowadays these machines are available in order to support the factories. However, if their cost decrease they will be able to find more applications.

IPI bases its technology on the ones that have been available / developing at universities and research labs for the last decade. However, this time diverse technologies will be combined and it will be available to handle hard work.

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