New Vision Technology thanks to Locusts

Researchers from the University of Lincoln and Newcastle University in the UK designed a new vision technology for self-moving robots by scrutinizing locusts and their visual ability. This is a 4 year research project which began in 2011. The project is funded by the Seventh Framework Program of the European Union. Professor Shigang Yue from […]

Industrial Perception Inc.’s Robots with 3D Vision

Industrial Perception Inc.’s Robots with 3D Vision

Robots are increasingly coming out of the lab and taking their place in the public sphere. Industrial Perception, Inc. (IPI) is one of them and the company is focused on producing mainstream robots in order to be used in America’s manufacturing and logistics. A team of software engineers from a robotics research company, Willow Garage, […]

TYZX Announces iRobot’s Selection of TYZX 3D Vision Systems for Advanced Sensing on Military Robots

TYZX Stereo Vision Provides Depth Perception to Help Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) Avoid Obstacles and Manipulate Sensitive Objects MENLO PARK, August 10, 2009: TYZX, the 3D vision technology company, today announced that iRobot Corporation has chosen the TYZX DeepSea G2 Embedded Vision System (EVS) for several military robotics research projects requiring real-time vision and depth-perception. […]