Cellphone controlled Robot Bear

Roby d’Bear is a new project which is an entertainment robot that connects with mobile devices.

Users can move its arms, head, mouth, eyes and eyelids. Other operation modes include Play, Repeat, Dance and Karaoke functions. In Play mode the robot repeats after the user. You can enable repeat mode in higher or lower voice for more entertaining effects. When playing a song on your phone, you can enable Dance function and Roby d’Bear dances and sings to the rhytm of the song. Sound and sensitivity of the microphone can be adjusted according to your needs.

The device can be used for charging phones or for hands-free calling.

Photo Credit: www.robotic-drive.com

Roby d’Bear is also available as a kit model. This enables users to build the robot themselves according to the instruction manuals and become familiar with the whole functionality of this robot. The controller is programmable and they could also program it the way they like.

The robot is at the kickstarter stage now, and here is the link to the main website and the kickstarter project site:




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