AI to race against humans in Jeopardy

It is very well known that the computers are able to beat humans in games such as chess, where the brute force calculation of the probable positions into the depth of so many moves ahead would make it invincible. However, brute force calculation will not solve the trick for many games, such Jeopardy, where an understanding of the question and language is required at least to a certain extent. Now IBM claims it created a computer program which is able to understand the questions asked in the game and able to compete with the best human players around. A competition will take place this February, as announced by the game host. IBM told that it will give its earnings to a charity, in case of a victory. The prize is $1,000,000. The human competitors will be the two best players ever participated in the game, one being the most consecutive winner and the other who won the most total prize. IBM did not share any further details about the machine or its performance so far.