IBM Watson to be improved

IBM’s Watson AI program is a unique artificial intelligence computer system with a capability of grasping the slight differences in natural human language and answering the questions that are asked by human users. It has a wide range of data and can give answers even with evidences. It was specifically designed to answer the questions […]

IBM is Working to Create a Pocket-Sized mini Watson

IBM is Working to Create a Pocket-Sized mini Watson

IBM’s dreams of creating a version of Watson that is voice activated and will answer questions a whole lot better than Siri, the voice activated personal assistant created by Apple. Watson will provide educated answers based on historical trends, scientific studies and location data. For those who are not familiar with Watson, it is the […]

IBM’s Watson can bring new commercial opportunities

IBM’s Watson can bring new commercial opportunities

According to IBM’s VP for new technologies, Watson computer’s Jeopardy championship earlier this year can open the door to new possibilities in many commercial fields. As part of its first trials, Watson will help doctors in diagnosing patients in a few months. Currently the working mechanism of the computer is based more on statistics, rather […]

Jeopardy Champ Watson to help in Healthcare Industry

IBM’s Watson computer, which became famous last month by beating human champions in Jeopardy, will be commercialized in Healthcare industry, according to a recent research and development agreement between IBM and Nuance Communications. The development project will combine Watson’s abilities in Language and Machine Learning and Nuance’s speech recognition and Clinical Language understanding abilities. The […]

AI to race against humans in Jeopardy

It is very well known that the computers are able to beat humans in games such as chess, where the brute force calculation of the probable positions into the depth of so many moves ahead would make it invincible. However, brute force calculation will not solve the trick for many games, such Jeopardy, where an […]

IBM research project for replication of human thinking architecture

IBM has received a grant for a research project known as SYNAPSE, which stands for “Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics”, from DARPA. The goal of the project accordig to DARPA is to create intelligent machines, which will have the capability of analysing vast amount of data in a very short duration, and improve […]

Can IBM replicate human brain?

It is now a reality that after decades of computer history, we are nowhere near to a real artificial intelligence. This is not like the computer programmers of the past were probably envisioning our age. The common thought a couple decades ago was, as soon as the computers have enough processing capability, the Artificial Intelligence […]

Annual AI conference

Organized by the Singularity institute for Artificial Intelligence, this year’s singularity summit will take place in San Jose, CA next week. Among the speakers are Intel’s Chief Technology officer, Manager of cognitive computing at IBM. The main focus of the event is to debate implications in the future when the Artificial Intelligence has the reasoning […]