Can IBM replicate human brain?

It is now a reality that after decades of computer history, we are nowhere near to a real artificial intelligence. This is not like the computer programmers of the past were probably envisioning our age. The common thought a couple decades ago was, as soon as the computers have enough processing capability, the Artificial Intelligence would emerge naturally. Yet we still have to see a computer being even close to a human thinking ability. The truth is that the software which runs us, humans, is not something a today’s computer would be able to run…But still, there is a good example of such a computer, which can be found everywhere, and it is called the “brain”.

Now under DARPA funding of more than $4 million, IBM has taken on a project of replicating the human brain abilities. The recent and ever accelerating advancements in neuroscience, computing processing power and nanotechnology is starting to enable the researchers to be able to take on this amazing task. Many researchers from different universities are also teaming with IBM on the project.

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