Can AI eliminate a lot of jobs?

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, whenever we invented an automated technology, or something that would be done by machines instead of humans, we always feared that it would cause unemployment. Yet it didn’t. The workforce simply shifted from performing lower level, manual jobs to ones that required more intelligence. Is it still true, […]

IBM Invests $1 billion to improve Watson AI program

IBM Invests $1 billion to improve Watson AI program

Many of us remember IBM Watson, when it beat the human champions on the popular TV Show Jeopardy, three years ago. Since then, Watson has undergone constant improvements and has started to be used in practical real life areas, such as Medicine and Law. This is primarily due to its ability to process language, just […]

Human Brain Project of Europe

Human Brain Project of Europe

A major study for Artificial Intelligence and NeuroScience, called the Human Brain Project (HBP), which aims to replicate the human brain on supercomputer, has recently been approved in the EU. 87 universities and hundreds of scientists from leading research institutions across Europe will participate in the study, but the project has some important Japanese and North […]

Obama to back up Human brain study

In an effort to advance our understanding of the human brain, the Obama administration is planning a decade – long major undertaking for studying the human brain, according to a news published at New York Times. It is expected to be the equivalent of the Human genome Project done in genetics field, which paved the […]

IBM Watson to be improved

IBM’s Watson AI program is a unique artificial intelligence computer system with a capability of grasping the slight differences in natural human language and answering the questions that are asked by human users. It has a wide range of data and can give answers even with evidences. It was specifically designed to answer the questions […]

ROS is 5 years old

ROS is 5 years old

The open source Robot Operating System (ROS) has recently celebrated its five year anniversary. We had made previous entries in Robotic Magazine about ROS, please see one of them here: which we had published when ROS was 3 years old. In that post, we were saying that the number of code packages had reached […]

Intelligent agent solutions for commercial and military applications

Veloxiti, a provider of thinking software that helps businesses make better, faster and more comprehensive data-driven decisions, today announced its official company launch and the commercial availability of its intelligent-agent software. Veloxiti adds intelligence to existing IT solutions and accelerates the speed and productivity of business professionals, enabling them to make better decisions faster. Veloxiti’s […]

Google Puts Its Virtual Brain Technology to Work

The new software called as Self-Taught Software that learned how to recognize cats, people and other things simply by watching YouTube videos released by Google. This system works like the copy of brain cells operation. Google’s learning software is based on simulating groups of connected brain cells that communicate and influence one another. When a neural network […]

URBI, the open source operating system for robots

URBI, the first operating system dedicated for robotics, and urbiscript, the programming language, are now available under the BSD license, in order to be widely spread. (October 10, 2012 – IROS, Vilamoura, Portugal) ALDEBARAN Robotics, the worldwide leader in humanoid robotics, announced at the IROS 2012 International Conference, the distribution of the URBI operating system […]