Berlin Robots To Patrol Stadiums

China wants to ensure safe Olympic Games. Berlin, 17/03/2008 The Olympic fire is about to be lit in the Chinese capital of Beijing in less than five months. In the run-up to the event, the security issue is receiving particular attention.This is not surprising, seeing as around 10,500 athletes will compete in 28 disciplines and 302 different contests. Athletes, media representatives, audiences as well as VIP guests from all over the world must be and feel safe in as well as outside the sport stadiums – in hotels, training areas, press centres – but also during their arrival and departure.

In time for the Olympic Games, Berlin-based company Robowatch Technologies is currently delivering 16 safety robots of the type MOSRO and OFRO into the Middle Kingdom. “We are delighted about the assignment. It demonstrates yet again that mobile safety robots are increasingly integrated into comprehensive security concepts”, says Ulf Stremmel, Managing Director of Robowatch.

The Chinese Security Officers benefit from the extensive experience Robowatch was able to make during the FIFA World Cup 2006 at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium: twenty robots patrolled inside and around the stadium by night. While MOSRO was employed for the surveillance of circuits, underground car parks and storage areas, OFRO patrolled the outisde zones and along the fence areas.

This meant that one could do without the costly installation of stationary security technology. Additionally, the interplay between human and machine ensured a permanent and efficient surveillance, because both parties were able to concentrate on what they are best at: the security staff was employed for safeguarding the training sessions and games, and the never-tiring robots took over the monotonous “night shifts”. Moreover, thanks to integrated gas and heat sensors, they would also have been able discover possible fires early and immediately report them to the control centre. This is how safety was ensured in the stadium at all times – and at reasonable costs.

This expertise is in international demand. Hence, Robowatch does not only supply robots for the Olympic Games. It is also participating in the security pitch for the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

About Robowatch

Robowatch Technologies GmbH is one of the leading companies in service robotics and provider of Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles – AUGVs – that warn persons in good time when they get into dangerous situations, support surveillance of hazardous zones and extensive areas, and optimize reconnaissance for purposes of disaster control and civil protection. As well as developing its own products, Robowatch contributes its know-how to international projects or also to products from other companies. Robowatch is structured into three business divisions: Robowatch Defence develops and markets AUGVs for the defence market and Homeland Security tasks. With OFRO +detect , ASENDRO and CHRYSOR, robotic systems are available for reconnaissance; detection of chemical, radioactive and nuclear hazards; as well as defusing and transportation of explosive devices. Robowatch Security Systems develops and markets AUGVs for the security sector and industrial applications. MOSRO and OFRO robotic systems support surveillance of very large open buildings, outdoor plots and restricted visibility areas or sensitive company areas. The business division Robowatch Technologies is working on in-company and external project developments, like autonomous control of conventional security vehicles and UGVs. Other key tasks are expansion of production capacities for the entire product range and quality assurance.


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