Robotic Trimmer by Evatech

Tampa, FL – Evatech, Inc. has recently released the Robotic Trimmer Attachment, or RTA. It is a light commercial trimmer attachment for the Hybrid Goat 22T series that allows operators to reach small hard to reach spots, such as under guard rails. The 22T is a tracked remote controlled slope mower which features Evatech s patented hybrid technology that allows consumers to mow steep slopes safely, economically, and in an environmentally-friendly way. The 22T generates its own electric power, which is used to power the RTA.

Photo Credit: Evatech
Photo Credit: Evatech









Performance and Specifications:

The RTA has been engineered for trimming weeds where normal mowers cannot reach, eliminating the need for a separate weed eater. The RTA has two individual 18 volt trimmer motors, each having a 10 inch cut width. The cut height is adjustable with the remote control of the 22T. The arm moves on a spring, allowing the RTA to push up against solid objects, such as poles, without damage.

Control System

The Hybrid Goat 22T with RTA features an easy to use radio transmitter to control its operation. The controller features two joy sticks and a dial. One joy stick controls the movement of the mower, while the other joy stick controls the gas engine, as well as engages the motors for the RTA. The dial is directly proportional to the cut height of the RTA. This simple design requires only one finger to operate the RTA and 22T.


Evatech, Inc. includes a one year warranty on all of its products.

Pricing and Availability

The RTA Retails for 1500 dollars and is available at
About Evatech, Inc.

Evatech, Inc. is a corporation that uses innovation, creativity, and engineering to design and develop easy to use products. Evatech s goal is to be a leader in customer product innovation. With a business philosophy to deliver innovative products to meet customers needs, Evatech s focus is on customer satisfaction from identifying needs through design and production. Evatech corporation was founded in August of 2003 by Luis Medina of Tarpon Springs, Florida. Evatech corporation now has several patents and shareholders with global sales presence in Australia, Europe, Japan, China, North and South America.

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