Robotics Expo 2015 – Moscow

Robotics Expo 2015 Exhibition & Conference welcomes the visitors to enjoy the fascinating world of robots. You will get an insight about potential uses of robotics in industrial and social applications, and in service sector. You will be offered an overview of current trends and forecasts for the future. Don’t miss the event – it takes place for the third year in a row!

Today, specialists evaluate the current situation as follows: if a company chooses to join the world of superior technologies and robotics, it receives a fair chance not only to become a leader of domestic market, but to occupy an advanced position in the global economic arena. You are welcomed to attend the discussion during a unique event “Robotics Expo 2015” which is going to take place at Sokolniki Exhibition Centre on November 20-22th. With so many exhibition stands available, and so many companies offering them, it can be hard to know where to turn. The exhibition will continue for three days – its first day will be entirely focused on business communication.
Speed Dealing, one of the planned sections, encourages investors, startup project managers, and robotics developers to join the dialogue. The format of brief meetings and presentations provides great opportunities to discuss terms and conditions of the future partnership.
Among the guests of Robotics Expo 2015 there are representatives of such companies as Play display, CopterTime, ByRobot, Epson, and Neurobotics.
Russian company PlayDisplay believes that their mission is to inspire and impress, and they are really good at it. Established more than 10 years ago, the company continues to offer innovative interactive solutions for forums and business presentations, develop demonstration materials, and participate in ad campaigns. PlayDisplay took part in the development of a number of projects for such brands as Coca-Cola, Snickers, Starbucks, Intel, as well as governmental structures and manufacturing firms.


CopterTime will attend the exhibition, too. This is a quite young company, though it already occupies solid position in the robotics market. CopterTime provides hardware for multicopters and FPV systems, as well as ready-to-fly multicopters. First and foremost, it is famous for Drone Fighter, a quadcopter which is incredibly popular in Japan and South Korea. This is the first combat drone which allows you to enjoy the real-life aerial battles, but not just a virtual reality game! You can move the robot in all directions: it’s equipped with the innovative combat flying game system. Drone Fighter is indeed fun and easy to control!
Neurobotics company, another participant of Robotics Expo 2015, is engaged in the development of biomechanical technologies. It has been an expert on biomanagement and robot sensory systems for many years. One of the most fascinating projects of the company is the development of anthropomorphic robots that are expected to help people explore the Earth and space.
Besides of that, the exhibition will include such thematic sector as industrial robotics: these are service robots in control systems, agriculture, mobile platforms, cleaning market, medicine, education & entertainment, and sport. There will be two separate zones devoted to UAV (drones/quadcopters) and CoBots (Collaborative robots), as well as an open zone of Skolkovo Robotics Center.

The conference will discuss such issues as the future of domestic robots, interaction between humans and robots, industrial robots (particularly, in logistics), and the use of service robots in agriculture. And of course, conference participants will try to make the future forecast concerning the role of robots is software development and further advances in robotics, as well as the use of robots in education, IoT technologies, and other related spheres.
For more detailed information about the participants and agenda please visit the event website.