A Four Fingered Robot

Photo Credit: Sandia National Labs


Since the advent of robotics, the scientists have befuddled over the possibility of inventing a robotic hand that can perform the same tasks as a human. The researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have taken steps to replicate the original structure of human hand in their new four-fingered robots. The design is made of high quality plastic. It is a fully functional robotic hand that is capable of doing menial as well as complex tasks with little problem.Apart from its high quality and ability to perform elegantly, the main advantage of the hand seems to be the number of degrees of freedom it has, which is 12, versus its cost, which is $10000. This represent a far less cost per degree of freedom in comparison to similar robot hands. Please read more at:


Photo and Video Courtesy: Sandia National Laboratories. Photo by: Randy Montoya