Drone Racing Goes Professional

When drones for hobbyists first came onto the scene a couple of years ago there was never an expectation that they could become part of a professional sport. Now a drone racing league has appeared on the scene to give some users a chance to go pro.
The Drone Racing League, or DRL for short, combines racing, drones and even virtual reality into a brand new sport. Each match takes place in a large space and the pilots don VR goggles before completing an objective against their opponent. These levels can be themed around nearly any game, with some upcoming ones including steampunk and apocalypse variations.

credit: 123rf.com
credit: 123rf.com

The viewers in the selected cities will be lining up to get their tickets to these events in 2016, as will the competitors. This isn’t for your average game for those on bingo sites like pgbingo.com, it’s for the elite players that have the kit and ambition to win.
The preseason takes place in the summer at Yonkers, New York, where registered competitors will get their first taste of the tournament. This race takes place in an abandoned factory on the Hudson and there are more than a few twists and turns within. By this time all drones will be registered in the US, so make sure you have yours on the list before then.