Drone Sports

Drone Racing is the fastest growing sport in the world; in less than two years MultiGP Drone Racing has registered over 14,000 pilots worldwide. The emerging sport of drone racing is something that almost anyone can compete in; with over 450 volunteer run MultiGP race chapters in the United States (over 900 chapter worldwide), most people have a drone racing chapter close by.
Credit: MultiGP
Competitors use multitrotor radio controlled aircraft (commonly called drones) to navigate a pre-designed and clearly marked race track. The drone pilots wear “VR-Style” goggles that receive the video signal transmitted from the drone. This allows the pilot to fly from the vantage point of the drone; they “see” what the drone sees. With the speed and agility of a falcon the drone racers pilot their craft, competing against other pilots to see who can navigate the track the fastest. Lap times are captured with either I.R. or radio signals, and the race data is tracked by computer, allowing the split-second precision needed to record the drones blistering pace.
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Source: MultiGP