Sensors Expo 2016 And The Missing Secret Ingredient


By Mat Dirjish, Executive Editor, Sensors Magazine

Yes! At Sensors Expo 2016 you will see and learn about the hottest sensors and related technologies as well as the next big things, but there is one thing more, a MISSING INGREDIENT.

By now it’s no secret that we’ll hosting our annual party, Sensors Expo, from June 21 to 23, 2016 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. And if you been reading the continual stream of promotional media we’ve been transmitting, you are getting an ever-widening picture of all the great products and technologies we’ll have on display as well as all the expert speakers and presentations to bring you up to speed on all the latest and future sensor technologies. If you’ve not yet realized that your attendance is a must, then some more points need to be made.

If you were at Sensors Expo 2015 in Long Beach, California, you had to be taken with two of the best keynotes presented at a tradeshow or conference.

Dr. Mike North, producer of “Prototype This” for the Discovery Channel and president of North Design Labs LLC, mesmerized and entertained attendees with a plethora of unique designs from his television show. Prior to his presentation, Dr. North had an accident that left him with a broken ankle. Most impressive, he designed his own special cast with built-in sensor technology to accelerate the healing process. You can check out some videos to see Dr. North in action. Now if a person with a broken ankle and walking on crutches can make it to Sensor Expo, any able bodied person should have no excuses.
Dr. Mike’s 3D-printed BoomCast heals broken bones, plays tunes. After a bone-breaking accident, Dr. North didn’t want to be stuck with a traditional plaster cast. Read more about his BoomCast HERE.

Gadi Amit, Tech Designer behind initiatives such as Google Project Ara, Fitbit Fitness Trackers and the Lytro camera, delivered an insightful and forward-looking presentation to a standing room only audience. He offered highly valuable insights on emerging trends impacting the sensors market, particularly in the wearables arena. One of several topics, Gadi discussed baby-monitoring wearables for startup Sproutling, and a skin scanner, called Oku, that scans developing spots and recommends skin treatment.
NewDealDesign President Gadi Amit, gave the keynote speech on day two. His presentation, entitled “Why the Sensor Explosion Needs Technology Design”, highlighted the need to keep people in mind, when designing new technology.

For a recap, check out a photo dialogue of Sensors Expo 2015 HERE.

So if you were not onboard for Sensors Expo 2015, these presentations were both small and extremely huge samples of what you missed. However, no sense dwelling on the past; shoulda’ coulda’, woulda’. You have a golden opportunity this year to make up for what you missed in 2015.

Just to reiterate what we’ve been broadcasting about Sensors Expo 2016, if you attend, you’ll have to over 250 companies demonstrating their bleeding-edge technologies and products. In addition to the extremely popular and educational track presentations there will be both new and updated tracks, five unique pre-conference Symposia, ably presented by 90+ experts in their respective fields.

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to get down to business and network with both colleagues and competitors as well as make unique connections that can advance your knowledge and benefit future projects. In addition to the keynotes, these opportunities include the tracks, awards presentations, kickoff party, networking breakfasts, and more. No matter how you present, promote, and trumpet the event, Sensors Expo 2016 is a win-win situation for all involved.

Clear and simple, Sensors Expo 2016 will offer a plethora of treasures for you to improve your work, accelerate it, ease your tasks, sharpen your skills, and put your shoulders to the wheel and do even more work. But there’s a missing ingredient somewhat absent from all these career-focused promotions. The missing ingredient is FUN.

One way of looking at Sensors Expo 2016 is as one of the greatest toy shows around. All of the products on display are devices you love to work with. When you first got into electronics, you played with these components to develop your ideas and create some crazy stuff. Maybe you started off building DIY kits, or tried figuring out how to get all three pickups on your Stratocaster to work simultaneously. You went from happy hobbyist to ecstatic engineer, creating products that other people with different passions use and enjoy. Keep in mind, you need these toys on display at Sensors Expo to make those bigger toys that people will be buying in the future.

In addition to all the serious stuff, there will be countless opportunities for you to have fun and really enjoy yourself. Most likely, something amusing could happen on your way to the show. Share it with your fellow attendees, spread the humor. Share jokes with others, like “Hey, did you hear the one about the pressure sensor that went to see a psychiatrist”?

Surely there were some testy situations you found yourself in during the year and now they’re resolved and are something to laugh about. Once again, pass the jests along.

When you’re at Sensors Expo 2016, and we’ve already established the fact that there is no acceptable excuse for missing this event, should you find yourself getting too serious and stressed, just lighten up, you won’t float away. Remember that pressure sensor sitting in the waiting room of a renowned, and very expensive, psychiatrist.

Find out what you will learn HERE. Need a scorecard for the expo? Download the brochure HERE and the show schedule HERE.