3D Printed Robot (DIY): InMoov

3D printing becomes popular in everything from bio-printing to architectural structures, and so does in robotics. With 3D printed parts InMoov is a humanoid robot designed and built by Gael Langevin of Factices Ateliers in France.

InMoov which was designed with Blender is running on MyRobotLab and Arduino and it runs on batteries.

It is a do-it-yourself printable robot with an open source. Gradually the parts of InMoov are made: first, only a hand, and then the arms and the head. InMoov is standing on casters temporarily till it will have its own feet. The robot might be regarded as on the edge of the Uncanny Valley because of its outlook, nevertheless, it can be changed as well. Excluding the torso and the head, the robot costs more than $900 yet comparing to regular humanoid robots it is obviously cheaper.

Some 3D parts of InMoov are available for downloading on cubehero and thingiverse. If you have a 3D printer and building skill, you can also print its parts (such as hands, torso, shoulder) and animate your robot by following the instructions. Last but not least, in order to develop the bot Langevin is open to collaboration.

In the video below you can watch InMoov while responding to voice commands and see its gestures.

For watching more videos of InMoov and seeing the progress of its construction you can visit the link below:


Video Credit: InMoov.blogspot.ca