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So, this is the first dive into electronics for me. Coding isn’t a problem, but hardware is totally new to me. So, I built ‘Botone’ from stuff laying around and a shiney new Arduino Duemilnove. The drive servos are Futaba S3004 that have been modified for continuous rotation. The wheels are from RC airplanes. A Ping))) sensor is mounted on a servo on the front which takes 5 readings each sweep and keeps each distance in an array. This way it always has a bit of an idea which way is safe to turn and can decide to back up and turn away if necessary. There are 4 ‘AA’ batteries in a holder underneath the chasis which power the three servos. The Duemilnove is on a 9v battery. The front wheel works like a castor and just uses a bent piece of coat hanger. And of course Worf is the test pilot. ๐Ÿ™‚ The kids at the club meeting quite enjoyed playing with it and making it turn every which way. Frankly, I am quite happy with it’s performance. It can get it self into a tight space, but can still get out with out hitting anything. Or at worst, a slight brush. It drives around my living, down the hall, around the kitchen, back and forth. (By: Terry Thillmann, who is a member of Western Canadian Robotics Society.)


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