Circuit board for robot kits

The RoboGuts™ circuit board can use nearly any micro-controller chip or module to build a very small robot kit in one day.  Easy to use, the children spend most of their time learning the MCU chip/module and program language and less time building while they print the snap together plastic parts.


The RoboGuts™ circuit board uses the SpeakJet phoneme chip and a SparkFun mono Audio Amplifier board.  The eBooks each for a different micro-controller chip or module has several demo BASIC program listings for many common sensors, motors and other peripheral components used in home hobby robotics.  The eBooks also include easy to follow jumper wire diagrams for each lesson/component and end chapter projects.


Using the RoboGuts™ circuit board is very easy and the eBooks are designed so that anybody almost anywhere in the world and any language should be able to learn from the lessons and building the end chapter projects.  The one caveat to the RoboGuts™ circuit board is there are no programming ports or other communication ports built onto the board … but this is what makes it so universal and tiny to fit very small spaces.  The user will either use a micro-controller that has a programming port built onto it (e.g., PICAXE 28X2 module) or a chip/module programming board (e.g. Parallax Board of Education or Arduino UNO.)


When using another programming board it’s easy to jumper from that board to the RoboGuts which is connected to the sensors, motors and peripherals for testing during program development.