Drone Piloting Application

DRONE VOLT robotized drones through its Software for iOS

SOFTWARE, a new division at DRONE VOLT, launches its new and innovative
drone piloting application, DRONE VOLT Pilot(R). This simple and
intuitive application provides novice drone pilots with many new
features that will enrich their user experience. One of the major
benefits of DRONE VOLT Pilot(R) is that it is able to automatically
create and save flight plans. DRONE VOLT makes automation easy and
allows a large number of pilots, of all levels of expertise to use it.
DRONE VOLT Pilot(R) is available today on the Apple App Store.

Credit: DroneVolt via Global Newswire
Credit: DroneVolt via Global Newswire




Use the Interface to make drone piloting easier !

DRONE VOLT SOFTWARE is always at the service of our clients. In this
spirit of innovation and creativity DRONE VOLT SOFTWARE created and
developed the DRONE VOLT PILOT(R) app to allow anyone to easily
approach the activity of piloting a drone. DRONE VOLT PILOT(R) provides
the user with more functionality through an automatic flight plan
generator based on waypoints. The interface is simple and intuitive
with a clean look that was designed for use on an iPad and coming soon
on the iPhone.

A photo accompanying this release is available at

DRONE VOLT PILOT(R) has many functions:

Place the way points directly on the touch screen using your finger or the trigger of the radio
1. WAYPOINTS control.
Flight plans can be saved for later use.
OF INTEREST Place a point of interest on the map and adjust its size and the speed of the drone.
MISSION Program a “follow me” mission for your drone and decide the drone’s orientation
4. PANORAMA Take great panorama shots by simply programming the angle of the camera
5. AUTO Decide the shape of your mission path, based on the number of waypoints you decide to include. This
SHAPES plan and it’s shape can be moved and modified easily by the user.

Download your copy of the DRONE VOLT PILOT

— Price : 29,99 [Eur] / 29,99 US$ / 22,99 [Pounds] / 198 Yuan / 2 290
Rouble / 3600 Yen ;
— Compatible with iPad (iPhone coming soon) with iO >> 8.1 or above
— Available in English (French version coming soon)
— For use with the following Drones : DJI Phantom 3 Series (Phantom 3
Professional, Phantom 3 advanced, Phantom 3 Standard), Inspire 1 and
Inspire 1 Pro

Future features under development

Other features will be unveiled soon. Professional and custom versions
available on request.


Applications such as DRONE VOLT PILOT(R) developed by the DRONE VOLT
SOFTWARE division, enhance the offer of the company and reinforce its
position as a supplier of total solutions in the professional civilian
UAV sector.

“The launch of VOLT DRONE PILOT shows the strength of our software
division, reinforcing our position as a quality manufacturer with high
value added software services. By automating UAV flights, we
significantly strengthen their value and offer the opportunity to
simplify professional applications, particularly in agriculture and
security. The first tests completed ??by certain state services have
confirmed the popularity of the product. I do not doubt that DRONE
PILOT VOLT will soon be in use among the 500’000 users of DJI drones.”
Dimitri Batsis, President of DRONE VOLT.

For more information about this app : http://www.dronevoltpilot.com


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Founded in 2011, DRONE VOLT established in France, Canada, Switzerland,
Italy and Denmark, is a company specializing in the design and
marketing of civilian drones for professional use. As global partner,
it offers its turnkey business solutions including various services and
flight training. This innovative young company achieved a turnover of
3.5 million euros in 2015 (+107%) and is a leader in audiovisual
drones. It also provides the public administration and industry with
the production of aerial photography. Its customers include CERN,
FRANCE TELEVISIONS, the Air Transport Gendarmerie (GTA), SPIE, TF1,
FREEWAY PROD, etc. DRONE VOLT is qualified as “Innovative Business” by

DRONE VOLT is listed on Alternext Paris :Share ticker: ALDRV.PA – ISIN
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