BlazingCore Microcontroller

BlazingCore (BCore100) Microcontroller is directed toward hobbyistst at all levels.


–  Core controller – PIC32MX695F512L running at 80 MIPs at 3.3V

–  Programming Environment; Sonata IDE (Integrated Development Environment) using a subset of Visual Basic programming language called VBm (read as VB minor)

–  Core runs up to 5 million lines of VBm code per second.

–  128K of internal SRAM, 8 Mb of Data Flash, 32 KB of serial SRAM (optional) with integrated software support on VBm

–  Up to 73 I/O pins, including, 2 SPI, 2 I2C, 4 UARTS, 5 servo control/PWM

–  Integrated hardware and software support for

– 2.83” OLED  Display in 16 bit mode, with touch screen and tilt sensor

– 2 channel audio (wav player), dual SD\MMC card with FAT support

– OV6630 camera with basic real time vision capabilities

– 8\32 MBit Data Flash data management system with support for micro database (uDB)