Jazz by Gostai

Robot Name: Jazz
Photo of Robot:
Category: Service robot
Made By: Gostai
Date of manufacture or date of introduction: January 2011
An introductory paragraph: Gostai Jazz robots have been made for mobile telepresence. 1-meter tall Jazz robots are mobile, fitted with a camera and connected to the Internet via wifi. The user connects to the robot from afar via any web browser. He can then control a robot in Paris from New York and see through the robot’s camera, which recorded image appears in the browser in real time. That way, the user can take part in a meeting, visit a place, and see what is happening in their office or factory in a natural and interactive way. There is no need to go anywhere as the robot “teleports” the user, who can listen to and see the robot’s surroundings and talk through the embedded loudspeaker while controlling the robot’s moves via an intuitive interface.
Targeted/Planned uses, and user groups: Businesses at large
Price: 7,900€ ($10,000)
Control and Software: Urbi, Gostai’s open source operating system for robotics; Flash
What tasks can be done autonomously? Semi autonomously? Remote-controlled robot for mobile telepresence. Jazz can be used to talk, hear, see and move in a remote environment.
Visual processing: yes
Sound and voice processing: yes
Remote control: yes
Height: 100cm
Weight: 8kg
Navigation: yes
External sensors and types: 12 ultrasonic sensors; 4 IR receivers; telemetric laser (optional)