Intelligent agent solutions for commercial and military applications

Veloxiti, a provider of thinking software that helps businesses make better, faster and more comprehensive data-driven decisions, today announced its official company launch and the commercial availability of its intelligent-agent software.

Veloxiti adds intelligence to existing IT solutions and accelerates the speed and productivity of business professionals, enabling them to make better decisions faster. Veloxiti’s “Intelligent Agents” are software solutions that “think” like top human performers. These solutions can rapidly process and analyze large amounts of information, often as much as a thousand times faster than the human brain, providing decision-makers with a more complete picture of their complex data – and therefore the ability to make a better decision.
Veloxiti evolved from Applied Systems Intelligence, who for more than two decades was a leading artificial intelligence research organization. “With the belief that intelligent agent technology was ready to expand into the commercial marketplace, Veloxiti was born with a completely new business model, new technology platform and products all developed in under a year,” said Don Turner, president and chief executive officer of Veloxiti.
With nearly half a million dollars in product-specific funding, Veloxiti set out to develop a cognitive agent system that would enable organizations to better leverage its existing top talent and make better decisions. The result is a software solution that can help companies expand the decision-making capabilities of their best professionals and turn average workers into much better performers. Developed in conjunction with the U.S. Army using technology that has powered various new U.S. military and defense initiatives, Veloxiti’s commercial applications are based on the same “battle-tested in mission-critical situations” philosophy of their government solutions.
As more organizations face the challenges of managing increasing amounts of market data, termed “Big Data”, acquiring enough experienced individuals to make sense of that data has become a critical issue. McKinsey Global Institute predicts a shortfall of 1.5 million data-savvy managers necessar y to manage big data in the U.S. by 2018.
“Companies are facing a two-fold problem around big data,” said Turner. “The first is finding enough affordable, top performing talent to manage and interpret the data.  And second, with the exponentially increasing amount of data available to make decisions, even top performers can’t process all the information to make decisions in a timely manner. Our solutions are designed to fill this knowledge gap, redistributing intelligence across your organization, spreading ‘best practice’ across all your resources.”
Unlike other automation systems that are designed to replace human operators, Veloxiti’s systems are designed to help employees increase productivity with day-to-day data management and data-driven decisions. Veloxiti has a development environment that is one of the easiest and most intuitive for creating intelligent agent solutions,allowing a broader cross-section of professionals to create and deliver the best data-driven results.
About Veloxiti
Veloxiti creates and delivers solutions that help people make better, faster and more comprehensive decisions. Grounded in two decades of battle-tested development for the military, the company is the first to bring to the commercial market easy and intuitive intelligent solutions. Veloxiti’s development environment allows a broader cross-section of professionals to create and deliver the best data-driven results. For more information, please visit