Perception from sound and vision simultaneously

A project that European researchers completed created a technology enabling a computer to combine data from vision and sound at the same time. This makes it possible to understand things such as human behaviour or conversations. The project is named POP which stands for Perception-on-Purpose. Researchers indicated that this was a very complicated task as the dynamics of sound and visual perception are completely differentthan each other (although it has been known by the brain researchers that brain can process the final output similarly but here there was no reverse engineering of brain involved in that sense). During the course of the project, researchers also found out that combining these two types of inputs are actually useful to overcome the useless ‘noisy’ data. The team was also able to use the technology on an actual robot. Researchers indicate that the commercial applications are not far away. The big goal is to use these skills in an actual functioning humanoid robot. For original story, please visit here.