Google’s DeepMind claims improved success for neural networks

According to a report in MIT Technology Review, the start up called DeepMind, that was purchased by Google earlier this year, demonstrated a humanlike ability for a neural network for the first time ever, in neural network research. The program, which builds on the decades old knowledge of “chunks of knowledge” processing of human brain, […]

Can AI eliminate a lot of jobs?

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, whenever we invented an automated technology, or something that would be done by machines instead of humans, we always feared that it would cause unemployment. Yet it didn’t. The workforce simply shifted from performing lower level, manual jobs to ones that required more intelligence. Is it still true, […]

Google Puts Its Virtual Brain Technology to Work

The new software called as Self-Taught Software that learned how to recognize cats, people and other things simply by watching YouTube videos released by Google. This system works like the copy of brain cells operation. Google’s learning software is based on simulating groups of connected brain cells that communicate and influence one another. When a neural network […]

Robot Cars are now in use

On highways of California, Google started testing robot cars, in order to map the streets. So far seven cars are on the road and the have completed 140,000 miles with rare human intervention. The car finds its way through a rotating camera at the top which continuously creates a 3D view of the car’s environment, […]